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What are the factors that affect the effectiveness of vacuum filters?

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Vacuum filter is  one of the key equipment of the coal preparation plant, with a large  filter area, reliable work, the unit filter area covers an area of  small, easy to use and other advantages of vacuum filter work by the  impact of more factors, and today Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. to see it!


What are the factors that affect the effectiveness of vacuum filters?

1 Increase the feed slurry concentration

Improve  the concentration of feed pulp, can improve the filter processing  capacity and reduce the filter cake moisture.When the concentration of  350 ~ 400g / L, the filter processing capacity, filter cake moisture is  low, but when the feed concentration is too high, Filtration resistance is too large, the filter effect is not good, so the feed concentration should not be too high.

2 slurry temperature

When the pulp temperature increased to 30 ℃ or more, because the  slurry viscosity becomes smaller, can strengthen the filtration process,  help to improve the filter processing capacity and reduce the filter  cake moisture.

3 filter speed

The  speed of the filter is determined by the length of the filter and the  length of the filter, which affects the thickness and moisture of the  filter cake. As the suction time increases, the cake thickness  increases, but after a certain period of time, its growth rate gradually  The moisture of the filter cake decreases with the lengthening of  the drying time, but after a certain period of time, the moisture drop  is not obvious, so the optimum speed is selected according to the  processing capacity and the moisture content of the product.

4 Particle size composition

The  moisture content of the filter cake decreases with increasing particle  size, because the larger particles give the filter cake a greater  permeability and a smaller surface area.If the filtered coal is too  small, the appropriate infiltration of some low ash crude Slime, can improve the filter filter effect, reduce the filter cake moisture.

5 degree of vacuum

Vacuum filters should generally work under conditions of vacuum 50  ~ 70kPa.Now many vacuum filters only maintain the vacuum in the 25kPa  or so, resulting in a low unit capacity of the filter and filter cake  water is high.

6 into the product defoaming

Flotation  of the coal foam into the filter, will reduce the vacuum of the filter,  thus affecting the filter throughput and product moisture.Therefore,  flotation clean coal into the filter should be defoamed before.

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