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Hangzhou Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. held 119 fire drill

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My company to  improve the full fire awareness, enhance staff in the emergency response  capacity and self-protection ability, so that each employee to master  certain fire knowledge, eliminate fire hazards, held a fire drill. The  exercise, invited the company's main security officer Zhang, and  employees to learn about the use of fire knowledge and fire equipment,  master fire escape skills and precautions, test the project "fire  emergency rescue plan" feasibility, the How the  rescue team is in place in emergency situations and how to ensure the  safety of personnel and equipment in the relief process during the  rescue process. The event to "fire month" as a  wedge, around the "people concerned about fire, life safety first"  theme, the exercise was successfully held.

    Reducing the loss of the accident to the company is the duty and responsibility of each employee. Company  employees and managers at all levels must work closely with the  incident, once received after the incident to deal with emergencies, to  ensure their own security in the case of incumbent fast execution. Do not use any excuse to presume responsibility or refuse to perform. So that our company is a big family, a combat and execution of the collective. Therefore,  the project department in the future work and emergency activities in  the above deficiencies to be improved to further strengthen the  emergency work of the training and publicity work. Enhance the feasibility of contingency plans. To  ensure that the rescue team in the future emergency situation in place  in time and in the rescue process to ensure the safety of personnel and  equipment in disaster relief.

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