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      Hangzhou Chemical Machinery Co., located in Kanshan Road, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, is the former state-owned sector of Chemical machinery industry - Hangzhou Chemical Machinery Plant from restructuring. It was built in the 1960s and specializing in the production of chemical machinery and pressure vessels of the professional manufacturers.  

        Hangzhou Chemical Machinery Company is one of the most vital enterprises in China Phosphate Fertilizer Industry Association and China Separation Association, so does it in chemical machinery in Zhejiang province. We have Strong technical forces, new product development and design capabilities, with a series of production, testing equipment and instruments, and complete quality guarantee system.

        We mainly produce a series of Tilting-Pan Vacuum Filter, Rotating-Pan vacuum Filter, Outer Filtering-face Rotary Drum Vacuum Filter, Pre-laying Rotary Drum Vacuum Filter, Horizontal Scraper Centrifuge, Double Spiral Conical Mixer and so on. At the same time we accept produce pressure containers of classⅠ, Ⅱ, steel structures boxes and tanks.
      The company now has formed the design, manufacture, installment integration of industry structure ,with complete sets of equipment manufacturing capability and overall capacity of the project contract. It also has a good site management and coordination of the project level. Our concept is “Get survival with high quality, Make progress with advanced technology, Win advantage with original variety, Establish reputation with good service, Create harmonious with mutual unity”. Using constant technological innovation and scientific management methods promote healthy and stable development of enterprise. To this end, we wish to create a better future together with our customers.

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