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Flat-day filter how to maintain the daily maintenance?

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Flat disk filter  at work should pay attention to maintenance, which we all know, but if  the holidays, the filter to the rest of the time, this time is not put  it aside on it? I told You, if you think so, then  it is wrong, the filter in the "rest" when we should pay attention to  maintenance and maintenance. So when the filter rest, how should we  maintain and maintain it?


Flat-day filter how to maintain the daily maintenance?
First, keep the filter equipment clean
I believe that I do not have to say that we all know, the filter  at work when there will be a lot of non-filtered liquid or solid, if not  cleaned in time, the filter performance and service life will have a  very big impact.

Therefore,  the first thing we do when we rest in the filter is to clean up the  remaining liquid and solids inside the filter to prevent chemical  reactions from these remaining substances. Moreover, the environment in  which the filter works is also very poor. It will deepen the pollution of the filter, if it can not be dealt  with in a timely manner, then the use of the filter will be a fatal  hazard.

Second, store enough oil

Flat  disk filter work will be used when the oil, lubricants, hydraulic oil,  etc., no matter how good the filter, in the final analysis, or machine,  if there is no oil, then the use of the machine for its impact is very  large So it is necessary to prepare enough oil at the time of the rest  of the filter, which is very helpful whether it is used for the filter  or for maintenance.

There is another reason, flat-panel filter at rest when it is easy  to produce chemical reactions, if you do not use lubricants, then it  will make it on the filter itself has a very significant impact.

Third, often start the filter

Flat  disk filter is a machine, if not often start, it will be rusty, like  people, if not a long time without exercise, it will feel sore aches, so  when the filter rest Partition time to start, which is not only very good for the  filter, but also in the start when you can see what problems, timely  investigation and processing.

The  filter when the need for maintenance and maintenance, it is necessary,  but the filter in the rest of the time need to maintain and maintenance,  only two-pronged, will make the filter performance to maintain the best  in the best state to enhance the filter Service life.

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