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What are the main factors that affect the washing effect of flat plate filter?

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The quality of the washing water
Flat plate filter mainly by washing water to wash, wash directly affect the washing effect. Production requires the use of not very impurities in the condensate. Ordinary water contains a lot of impurities are mainly metal ions.

Production system reasons
Aluminum  hydroxide slurry supply is unstable, solid instability, resulting in  vacuum fluctuations, the entire flat filtration system is unstable, can  not run properly, affecting the washing effect.

Solid content and temperature
In  the production process, the solid is too high, the slurry fluidity is  poor, uneven fabric, cake thickness of the uneven, resulting in poor  washing effect. When the temperature is low, the viscosity  increases and is easily crystallized. The impurities and the metal  elements contained in the filter cake are not easily discharged.

Vacuum effect
Vacuum  is very important for the finished product wash, directly related to  the finished product quality, if there is no vacuum or vacuum is too low  will not be produced. Vacuum is too high will make the cake than the resistance of large, poor permeability of the filter cloth. To  control the vacuum in a reasonable range, in the usual production to  observe the adjustment, I plant vacuum is generally controlled at  -0.02MPa - 0.06MPa

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