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Hangzhou Chemical Machinery carried out a fire drill

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Recently, the company organized a fire emergency drills, fire prevention for the fire emergency drills.
First, through this event to benefit the whole company, and achieved good results. First,  the test of the contingency plans, familiar with the work process, a  clear department, personnel responsibilities, straighten out the  relationship between the various departments of the emergency response  and coordination with the ability to test the emergency response  capability. Second,  the training of emergency plans, but also the emergency management of  emergencies effective publicity, improve the leadership of enterprises  and the general public awareness of the emergency rescue. Third, the company's comprehensive coordination of the unit capacity of the test. Through the exercise, improve the ability and awareness, exercise  the team, enhanced coordination capacity, opened up the work of ideas,  broaden the horizons, increase the knowledge, accumulated experience.
Second, there is not enough
(1) some employees of the emergency rescue drill lack of knowledge,  not enough attention, workers self-help and rescue ability is relatively  weak, human, material and financial resources is not enough, fear of  bad mood.
(B) safety production emergency rescue work started late, the system is not sound enough, lack of emergency rescue team.

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